Articling at DuMoulin Boskovich LLP


In the past few weeks, a number of law students have asked to meet with me to discuss articling at DuMoulin Boskovich. “Sure,” I say, “I’d love to speak with you. Let’s meet at the cafe across the street; the boardroom is a bit formal.” But I’m also thinking, I could really use another coffee!

So we meet and it always brings me back to the time when I was in their position, looking for articles. How daunting it was when the competition was tough and the economy tougher. How lucky I was to be offered articles at DuMoulin Boskovich, a reputable, mid-sized downtown firm.

Some questions frequently asked by the students and answers given by me:

Q: What practice areas do you have?
A: Our main practice areas are general litigation, personal injury, insurance, corporate-commercial, real estate and wills & estates. Other areas are family, employment and insolvency.

Q: Does the firm have a formal rotation?
A: No, you do everything everyone gives you, when they give it to you.

Q: How many students does the firm hire?
A: In the past, it generally hired two per year. In the last few years, it has hired one.

Q: Since there’s only one student, the student doesn’t have to put on a “Christmas skit”, does he/she?
A: That’s what I thought but the misconception was quickly cleared up. Go Andrew!

Q: Does the firm give the articled student Canucks tickets?
A: (Are you crazy??) Only if your dad, or mom, is a VIC–Very Important Client.

Several lawyers at the firm completed their articles here, including one of the partners. And me. Yes, I was called recently and have been hired back as an associate. Needless to say, I’m thrilled and I look forward to a rewarding career at DuMoulin Boskovich LLP.

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