Cost-Effective Legal Services

The Use of Paralegals and Articled Students to Assist with the Delivery of Cost-Effective Legal Services

The cost of legal services and the effect of cost on access to justice are frequently discussed topics. The media and members of the judiciary, including the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, have commented on the need to ensure that average Canadians have access to quality legal representation.

The regulatory body for B.C. lawyers, the Law Society of British Columbia, created a task force to deal with this issue. The Delivery of Legal Services Task Force has authored a report which contains a variety of recommendations to improve access; the report may be found on the Law Society’s website at The task force has made a number of recommendations regarding the expansion of permissible duties for articled students and paralegals. If these recommendations are adopted, paralegals and articled students would be able to perform more duties under the direct supervision of a qualified lawyer. This would reduce the overall cost while ensuring that the quality of service for the client is maintained.

Here at DuMoulin Boskovich LLP, we take a team approach to our work. Our paralegals and articled student work closely with our lawyers to ensure that our clients’ needs are met in a cost-effective manner. Check out the biographies of our articled student and paralegals in the Our Team section of our website.

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