We help clients negotiate and draft legal contracts that finalize many important issues while they are still in committed relationships. We can assist in drafting relationship agreements or separation agreements.

A relationship agreement enables people who wish to live with each other to clarify their expectations regarding their finances and property during their relationship and what will happen should the parties separate or should a party die. Such agreements are legally binding and can include:

  • Cohabitation agreements,
  • Family agreements,
  • Prenuptial agreements,
  • Postnuptial agreements, and
  • Adult Interdependent Relationship Agreements.

When you and your spouse are preparing to end your relationship, a separation agreement is one way that spouses can agree to resolve many of their issues in the divorce process through mutual agreement without the need for either party to appear before the courts. A separation agreement can be done in anticipation of separation and at any time after the separation process has begun. Such an agreement is a good alternative to litigation and a way for the parties to achieve an optimum result for themselves with the upmost control of the process. A legal separation agreement will protect you during a separation in case your spouse fails to live up to their obligations – the court will be able to enforce the agreements that each of you made. We will ensure you fully understand your options, obligations, and rights under these agreements.