Mediation and Dispute Resolution

We act for spouses who have separated and seek support, an equitable share of the family resources, or assistance in dealing with custody or access matters. Often antagonistic positions are unnecessary to come to resolution over these matters. Even when spouses agree, parties often need to go to court to get more information, guidance or interim orders. We strive to achieve a fitting solution in a cost-effective way through the use of mediation, applications to court, and meaningful dialogue.

We can aid you in selecting a dispute resolution process that best fits your specific needs. These could include:

  • Mediations with lawyers,
  • Client only mediations,
  • Collaborative law formats, and
  • Negotiations.

These processes can be used to resolve family law issues, such as custody, access and child support. If mediation is the mechanism of alternative dispute resolution that you chose, the mediator will be a knowledgeable and neutral third party jointly selected and retained by both parties. Litigation should be a last resort in family files as it can be costly both emotionally and financially. Dispute resolution is usually less expensive than traditional litigation, faster and overall a much more constructive process. Use of alternative dispute resolution allows the parties to retain control over the process and outcome and allows them to create a solution that works best for their family and their own circumstances.