Spousal and Child Support

Lawyers at Dumoulin Boskovich advocate for equitable division of property and allocation of future support for our clients involved in separation and divorce proceedings. In British Columbia, each party is entitled to one-half of the property acquired during the relationship, subject to the right of the Court to redistribute those assets pursuant to the Family Law Act. Also, both spouses have a right to seek spousal support. Support orders are made in the discretion of the Court where need and ability to pay are shown. Support can be compensatory or non-compensatory. However it is the obligation of everyone to be self-supporting to the best of their ability. If there are children of the relationship, child support will also be calculated.

There are guidelines in place to aid in determining entitlement to support. The Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines are used to assist in determining what support each person is entitled to. The Child Support Guidelines regulate the amount of maintenance to be paid. Also, the BC Family Maintenance Enforcement Program enforces maintenance orders and agreements for child and spousal support.