ICBC Claims

The most common type of vehicle accident in BC is the collision between two motor vehicles.

ICBC has a legal duty to defend the policy of insurance of the at-fault driver from any personal injury claim you make. Factors that may affect the amount of damages awarded include:

  • Failing to signal or shoulder check,
  • Running a stop sign or red light
  • Operating a vehicle under the influence or while talking or texting,
  • Rear ending another vehicle,
  • Causing a collision while speeding, and
  • Improperly using seatbelts, child safety restraints and headrests

There is a risk that ICBC may find that you are fully or partially responsible for the accident. As a result, there are often disputes about liability. Experienced lawyers at DuMoulin Boskovich can help in dealing with ICBC by settling the claim through negotiation and mediation and by attaining compensation for injuries through trial.