UMP Claims

Uninsured Motorist Protection (“U.M.P.”) claims occur where a person has been injured in an accident caused by an individual with limited or no insurance. In British Columbia, there is a statutory program in place which allows compensation regardless of the individual having no insurance or limited insurance.

U.M.P. coverage is considered coverage of last resort. That is, ICBC can force you to take all steps necessary to try to recover money from the at-fault motorist before you can even access U.M.P. This includes litigating against the at-fault motorist and then when you have a judgment, trying to recover against the at-fault motorist. If the at-fault motorist cannot pay the judgment, you can then proceed against ICBC to get payment under U.M.P..

Please talk to a DuMoulin Boskovich personal injury lawyer if you believe that the person responsible for your injury does not have enough insurance to cover your loss.