Strata Property Development

We work closely with city and municipal officials, accountants, surveyors, architects, land title offices, realtors, and lenders to provide services and advice to our clients with their strata property development involving all aspects of commercial and strata development, such as:

  • Purchase and construction contracts;
  • Preparation and registration of subdivisions;
  • Easements and related land title filings;
  • Real estate disclosure statements;
  • Creative ownership structures utilizing corporations, trusts, joint ventures, limited and general partnerships;
  • Strata property issues, including bylaw amendments; and
  • Acquisition and construction financing issues on behalf of both lenders and borrowers.

DuMoulin Boskovich’s team of litigators commonly represent commercial and residential real estate owners and others in disputes relating to such issues as:

  • Landowners’ charges, easements and building schemes and their relationship with municipal by-laws;
  • Disputes arising from failed purchase and sale agreements and financing contracts;
  • Transfers made in violation of legislation against fraudulent conveyances and preferences;
  • Commercial tenancy concerns;
  • Disputes among strata property owners, strata councils, developers and rental managers.

In such cases, our first priority is to consider what remedies are most effective for our clients. For example, it is often in our clients’ interests to ensure that encumbrances against real property are obtained to protect their position before or when legal proceedings are started