Estate Litigation

Usually people with substantial estates have provided directions or made arrangements for the distribution of their estate, whether by a will or by an inter vivos (during their lifetime) gift or trust. However, this is not always the case.

Even when a deceased person has left a valid will, a number of issues may arise that can lead to litigation, for example :

  • Beneficiaries      may feel that someone unduly pressured or influenced the will maker,
  • Spouses or      children who feel they have not been adequately provided for may apply to      Court for a variation of the will, and
  • Sometimes      matters of interpretation of terms of the will must be deal with by a      Judge.

We act for executors, administrators, and trustees, heirs and beneficiaries, and persons who feel they have been wrongfully excluded from a share of an estate. We both prosecute and defend claims and seek court direction as best serves the needs of our clients. Our lawyers have experience in dealing with these matters, and strive to provide empathetic, cost-effective assistance.